VIDEO: Correct Craft debuts 23-foot Centurion

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Correct Craft introduced the 2018 Centurion Ri237, adding a new Opti-V hull to create balance with engineered triangular pads on the rear corners of the hull.

The side-to-side balance creates a symmetrical wakeboard wake, but because there is less resistance on this running surface the 2018 Ri237 delivers improved handling and 50 percent better fuel economy.

In addition to the new running surface, Centurion engineers created an updated exterior look for the Ri237, which includes a new black-framed windshield and a black powder-coated tactical-looking Ramfill vent that is lower-profile than earlier versions, the company said.

The Ri237 was selected by the International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation as its official wakeboard boat, and it will be at the 2017 IWWF World Wake Boarding Championship, which is set for late October in Cancun, Mexico.