VIDEO: MasterCraft shows off X23 surf boat

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The inland surfing trend has become a global phenomenon and MasterCraft said it continues to deliver the longest and most customizable wave on the market with its introduction of the X23, the latest in the builder’s line of luxury performance boats dedicated to surf.

As with the X20, introduced in August, MasterCraft has created a slickly produced video to show off its newest boat.

Beyond mere afterthought, MasterCraft said it has designed this boat from bow to stern to mirror the best attributes of coastal surfing, allowing even landlocked families to wax up a board and hang ten. The X23 is the second, now larger addition to the builder’s 2015 fleet to utilize an all-new surf-specific hull design.

The company said the boat has been engineered from the fins up to create perfectly shaped, customizable waves, thanks to its award-winning Gen 2 Surf System and surf-specific hull. The shape of the wave can be instantly transformed using the futuristic, yet intuitive seven-inch Murphy touchscreen to match customized surfer profiles, including options for both goofy and regular riders, the company said.

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