VIDEO: OceanAlpha demonstrates 5G unmanned boat

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The ESM3 is one of the unmanned boats available from OceanAlpha.

The ESM3 is one of the unmanned boats available from OceanAlpha.

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, OceanAlpha and partners Ericsson and China Mobile demonstrated a 5G unmanned boat. It can be used to collect data for water quality, identify the cause of pollutants using HD cameras and other functions.

During the demo, the OceanAlpha 5G was in a pool 10 kilometers from the exhibition hall. Visitors could issue an instruction to the boat, which would then carry out the maneuver. They could watch the boat in action by the video returned by its on-board camera.

“Relying on 5G communication technology, OceanAlpha’s unmanned boat can conduct water monitoring, VR back-end demonstration, water-quality monitoring, remote application control and autopilot,” Ran Zhang, general manager of OceanAlpha, said in a statement. “This will completely change the traditional operation of the hydrological survey, water quality sampling and monitoring, environmental law enforcement and other water ecological environment monitoring and supervision by effectively enhancing data accuracy, reducing costs and improving work efficiency.”

Watch a video of the boat here.


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