Watershed Innovation supports young innovators at fair

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Maker Faire gave kids the chance to build their own projects.

Maker Faire gave kids the chance to build their own projects.

Watershed Innovation, Correct Craft’s technology company, supported the local Orlando community by sponsoring Maker Faire, a family friendly showcase of DIY science, art, technology, and hands-on activities.

The Watershed team created an opportunity for kids and adults at the event to put their imagination to work by making their own small electric boats. Each person had the chance to design their hull, pick their propeller design, and race for prizes.

“The Watershed team had a great time at Maker Faire Orlando helping kids unleash their creativity,” aid Watershed president Sean Marrero in a statement. “The turnout for the event was incredible, and we are grateful for this opportunity to make life better in our own back yard.”

Maker Faire is a non-profit and community organized event that gathers people together who enjoy learning and sharing the passions of making. People of all ages from kids to students to hobbyists to engineers were represented at Maker Faire.

Recognized for creativity, the Watershed exhibit received the Maker of Merit award by Maker Faire.

“Creating places for the next generation to think outside the box is important to creating a better future for ourselves, our communities, and the world around us,” said Marrero.