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Siren Marine and Hilb Group New England partner on insurance

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Siren Marine and insurance specialists Hilb Group New England said they have unveiled a joint program called HarborGuard+Siren Marine. A statement said the program is designed to “create significant costs savings, reduced risk and enhanced peace of mind for fleet operators” and other marine businesses.

The companies said the HarborGuard program is designed for fleet operators, boating schools, sailing clubs and charter fleets. Under the agreement, Siren Marine will offer its Siren MTC device and annual service to Hilb Group HarborGuard insurance customers for a discounted rate. The company said it would include introductory access to its SirenFleet fleet management portal and access to Tier 1 fleet support.

Hilb Group will offer customers up to a $250 credit for each boat insured under its HarborGuard program equipped with a Siren MTC system and an active Siren Marine subscription.

“The ability for customers to monitor and track their vessels will help reduce technical issues, damage and costly downtime, and prevent small problems from becoming large ones,” said Randy Carnahan, executive vice president for Hilb Group New England, in the statement. “A fleet manager can easily look at all of his boats at once, know what is going on with them and place protective geofence alerts around some or all of his boats.”


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