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Annual Branded-Content Special Advertising Sections

2022 Branded Content Section Calendar

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Jan Corporate profiles section[10]

Corporate Profiles 2022

To quote Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….” The last 20 months have brought exceptional growth to the marine industry, as sales of new and used boats have surged, as well as extreme challenges in the form of COVID-19 restrictions and supply-chain disruptions. The times have tested the mettle of companies throughout our industry. In Soundings Trade Only’s Annual Corporate Profiles section, you will read about companies that have risen to the challenge. 

This section offers information about leading companies in many sectors of the industry, including OEM boat and engine builders, as well as suppliers of marine accessories and aftermarket offerings covering the entire boat from hull paint to electrical systems to nav lights to anchor winches. Other companies profiled here provide solutions for replacing and servicing marine engines and running gear. Others enhance boaters’ experience on the water with products ranging from electronics to audio systems to fishing gear. We also have included information on a couple of the industry’s largest distributors. 

Kicking off the section is an article about the upcoming AMI Conference & Expo, February 1-3, 2022, in Daytona Beach. This leading marina and boatyard conference offers educational and networking opportunities for a wide variety of marine professionals. We invite you to read on to find out how attending could benefit your business. All of us at Soundings Trade Only would like to offer a hearty round of congratulations to these and the other companies in our industry who not only have survived 2020 and 2021, but thrived, and we wish all of you a happy, healthy and successful New Year!



Feb Miami Boat Show Preview section

Miami Boat Show Preview 2022

Combining the Miami International Boat Show (MIBS) and the Miami Yacht Show (MYS) into a single major event, the new Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show returns to the newly renovated Miami Beach Convention Center and four other locations on February 16-20, 2022. The additional show venues include One Herald Plaza, the former MYS site; Sea Isle Marina, which will host more than 150 boats available for sea trial; IGY Yacht Haven Grande at Island Gardens, site of SuperYacht Miami, and the new Museum Park Marina sailboat show and Pride Park marine accessory pavilion.

As always, marine manufacturers from the U.S. and around the globe will use MIBS as the ideal occasion to launch a host of new boat models, engines, marine electronics, and accessories. In celebration of this annual event, Soundings Trade Only presents the following section featuring new products from a variety of innovative companies. They include boats, boat covers, stabilization systems, trim tabs, climate control systems, wireless phone chargers and shade solutions. Please read on to learn more about these and other items new to the marketplace.

Rest assured, the Soundings Trade Only team will be on the go throughout MIBS to bring you the latest news from the show. We look forward to seeing you in Miami!


MARCH 2022

March Pontoon Marketplace section

Pontoon Marketplace 2022

Already one of the fastest-growing segments in the boating industry, pontoon boat sales have been jet-fueled by the pandemic. Highly accessible, comfortable and easy to handle, outboard-powered pontoons make great entry-level boats for customers who are new to boating, as well as ideal day boats for people of any age. The pontoon boat industry also has expanded from the inland lakes market to the coastal saltwater market in recent years, further broadening its appeal.

As pontoon manufacturers and dealers prepare for another busy boating season, we are delighted to present articles in the following pages about companies that have developed highly innovative products for this segment. One, CZone, recently introduced sophisticated, yacht-level electrical systems monitoring and control to the pontoon-boat market. You also will read about product offerings designed to make the pontoon boat owner’s day on the water even more comfortable and enjoyable.

March Outdoor Recreation Marine & RV section[2]

Outdoor Recreation: Marine & RV 2022

Boating is not the only recreational pastime that gained new customers due to the pandemic. The RV industry also is experiencing rapid growth. Both activities allow participants to get out of the house and have fun amid nature with a small group of family or friends while maintaining social distance from others.

But the similarities certainly don’t end there. There are many crossovers between the boating and RV industries, particularly at the dealership, service and retail accessories sales levels. In this section, we present articles about future-minded companies that have recognized these synergies and developed products, systems and business tools that can help you to serve both segments and increase your profits.

So please, read on.




Corporate Profiles 2021

Welcome to the Soundings Trade Only Corporate Profiles 2021, our annual branded content section profiling some of the leading companies operating in the recreational marine sector.

In this issue, you’ll find information on leading providers of inboard engines, marine electronics, digital switching systems, inverters, solar energy solutions, onboard audio products, remanufactured marine engines and components, flooring solutions, winches, refrigeration, and more. Innovation is alive and well as the marine industry enters 2021!

Also included in this issue is an in-depth feature on the upcoming Association of Marina Industries (AMI) Virtual Conference & Expo (formerly the International Marina & Boatyard Conference), which runs February 2-17, 2021. Anyone working in the marina industry will want to be sure to read this story for the latest details.

Despite the challenges we’ve all faced in 2020, the recreational marine industry is thriving as more people discover the fun and value of recreational boating. We look forward to an exceptional 2021 for all.




New Electronics 2021

With the recent influx of new boaters into the recreational marine industry this year, the demand to have “all the comforts of home” on your boat has grown exponentially. This includes “must-haves” such as robust Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity and an audio system that will make you the envy of everyone else on the lake or sandbar. Fortunately, companies like the ones in the following pages are ahead of the curve in introducing products to meet this demand.

In some ways, the boats of 2021 are even more technologically advanced than a home, thanks to the progress in marine digital switching technology, which lets users control and monitor a wide variety of complex onboard systems – both from the dash and remotely. This intuitive technology makes boats more desirable to consumers and is a way for manufacturers and dealers stand out from the competition.

In this section, we include articles on three of the leading companies in the marine electronics sector. Their ideas and innovations are helping to bring new people into boating, and literally light our way into the future.


New for 2021

The recreational marine industry has begun 2021 on a wave of strong sales and overall good tidings, to say the least. Thanks to a rediscovery of the tremendous benefits of boating by existing boaters, and an influx of new customers, most businesses in our industry are running at full tilt. Against, that backdrop we offer our Soundings Trade Only New for 2021 special section.

It features informative feature articles on some of the newest offerings from manufacturers of outboard engines, marine accessories and parts, propeller foul-release coatings, marine seating, sun protection and anchoring solutions. No matter which segment of the industry you are servicing, we’re sure you’ll find the innovations on the following pages of interest.

So please, read on! 


MARCH 2021


Outdoor Recreation: Marine & RV 2021

The connection between the recreational vehicle (RV), recreational boat and outdoor industries simply cannot be overstated. As most dealers and their suppliers know, RV’ers often tow a boat with them to enjoy fishing, skiing or just cruising the waters. Many who love the outdoors, enjoy both disciplines. It’s a true crossover market offering loads of potential for dealers, marine products manufacturers and OEMs.

In addition, as self-contained “land yachts”, RVs share many of the same systems and equipment, and the RV industry often faces similar challenges to the boating industry. That is why this special section features informative articles on a variety of marine and RV solutions. These pages are packed with new accessories, gear, epoxies, marine stabilizers, rigid bottom inflatables, carpeting and adhesives, extended warranties, boat monitoring services and more.

So, please set aside some time and take a closer look. 


Pontoon Marketplace 2021

 Offering huge seating capacity along with supreme ease of access and operation to a wide swath of boaters, pontoon boats continue to grow in popularity and sales year after year. According to Soundings Trade Only Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Moser’s December 2020 report, A Strong Finish to a Strong Year: “Pontoons increased 48 percent year over year, and the segment is up 18 percent year to date.”

It’s not just pontoon boat builders and dealers that are riding the crest of this wave, however. Suppliers from across the industry also are benefiting from this segment’s sales growth, because today’s increasingly sophisticated pontoon boats have all of the systems, features and amenities found on traditional powerboats – and more innovative products are being developed for them all the time.

In the following pages, you will find pages featuring progressive products from companies that are key players in the pontoon marketplace. They include anchoring solutions, alternative propulsion systems, fold-away tables, biminis and shades, a digital switching system and more. These products can help to make a pontoon more attractive to buyers at the dealership, easier to operate, and enhance the boating experience. We invite you to read on.


APRIL 2021


New Aftermarket Products Distribution & Service 2021

It’s the time of year for dealers, marinas and service yards in most of the country to start stocking up on aftermarket parts and essential products for the summer boating season. With the influx of new boaters in 2020, the demand for the latest and greatest products and solutions to hit the market is only bound to increase this year. That’s why Soundings Trade Only’s Aftermarket Products, Parts, Distribution & Services special section is chock-full of information on some of the newest, most innovative items available in the marine industry from a host of manufacturers and distributors.

In the following pages, you’ll find details on new marine bilge pumps, marine electronics, spring tune-up items, anchoring systems, marine epoxies, parts and accessories, deck fills, shade systems and more. These products all can help make boating safer and more enjoyable for our boating customers, new and old.


Dealer Recruitment & Recognition 2021

This year’s Soundings Trade Only Dealer Recognition & Recruitment special section celebrates the start of another boating season in much of the country. It also comes amid what continues to be a strong growth period for much of the recreational marine industry. For that reason, many OEMs, marine products manufacturers and distributors are looking for more dealer representation. And they’re offering a host of new products and dealer support services as incentives. One look at this year’s section underscores what we mean. In the pages that follow, look for informative articles on companies offering rigid bottom inflatable boats, CRM solutions, extended service warranty contracts, on-water assistance and towing services, and much more. It’s quite a section, so please read on!

MAY 2021


New Power & Technology 2021

Business is booming in both the new and pre-owned boat markets. And beyond that, plenty of current boat owners are outfi tting their boats with new engines and equipment as the 2021 summer boating season gets underway. Although they may be in a hurry to get out on the water, today’s boaters also tend to be demanding and discerning. They are looking for the latest technology to power their boats and their electrical equipment. The marine manufacturers showcased in these pages are ready to provide boaters with what they desire. In this section, you will fi nd an article devoted to new four-stroke outboard engines featuring the latest drive-by-wire technology. You will learn of the debut of an engine billed as the most powerful all-electric outboard on the market. For inboard fans, we present information on the fi rst and only turbocharged marine inboard engine in its segment. And to keep all these engines running strong, we offer a writeup of one of the leading producers of marine oils and additives. On the electrical side, there’s an article about a new marine inverter/charger series. In keeping with the current trend toward integrating a boat’s electronic instruments and equipment and allowing the user to monitor and control them via a central touchscreen, these units are engineered to connect seamlessly with a CZone, MasterBus or NMEA 2000 network. So, please read on, as we look forward to summer and a successful season!


June 2021


Leadership & Purpose 2021

True leaders excel in the face of difficulties. They can adapt and change as the situation demands, and ultimately rise to the challenge. They typically also embolden others to follow their example.

Our Soundings Trade Only Leadership & Purpose 2021 special section celebrates companies in our industry that have done just that. Faced with a global health emergency that threatened their families, employees and customers, and caused the sudden shutdown of the world’s economy, these companies adapted to the new realities posed by the pandemic and continued to deliver high-quality products and services while at the same time keeping people safe. They helped to keep the boating industry afloat and contributed to its newfound growth as a safe way to recreate while maintaining social distance. They also supported their local communities by giving back in a variety of ways.

In the pages that follow, you will read about companies that manufacture marine engines, trailers, teak products, epoxies, oils and additives. We also profile a major wholesale distributor, a media firm, the company that invented the on-water assistance industry, and a couple who have founded a company with a vision to promote boating in their local waters. As diverse as these different entities may be, they all have one thing in common; a company culture that encourages and facilitates leadership. We’re proud of the efforts these companies have undertaken to help make life a little easier during such unique and challenging times. We hope you’ll find their stories inspirational.


July 2021


New Products for Boating & Fishing 2021

Now is the time of year that marine manufacturers start to debut their new aftermarket products for boating and fishing for the 2022 model year. Summer season has begun across the country, and our waterways are filled with both new and experienced boaters who want to outfit their boats and tackle lockers with the latest equipment and gear.

Making the season even more exciting this year is the fact that the major trade events will be taking place in person once again. On July 20-23, ICAST 2021, produced by the American Sportfishing Association, will return to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. ICAST is one of the largest sportfishing trade shows.

Then, on August 2-5, the National Marine Distributors Association (NMDA) will host the S.T.E.P. purchasing conference in Rosemont, Illinois. The annual S.T.E.P. purchasing event provides marine manufacturers with a centralized location to introduce new products and programs to wholesale distributors from across North America. You will find a full description of what to expect at S.T.E.P. in this section.

In the following pages, we also are delighted to present articles on innovative new products for boating and fishing that will be on display at ICAST or S.T.E.P., including LED lighting, anchoring, battery management, and thruster solutions. So please, read on.