Certification Matters

How promoting product safety and quality assurance can differentiate your company from the competition
Successful marine certification means having a list of ABYC standards and checking off items as requirements are met. 

Successful marine certification means having a list of ABYC standards and checking off items as requirements are met. 

Boating interest and demand remain strong, and so does market competition. With thousands of new boaters entering the market the past year and a half, ensuring the consumer that your product meets the highest industry standards for quality and safety will not only attract customers, but also help to retain them.

As director of engineering standards for the National Marine Manufacturers Association, I’m proud to say that NMMA Certified boats and yachts are known throughout the world as the benchmark for product quality. That’s why more than 85 percent of boats sold in the United States each year are NMMA Certified. NMMA Certified manufacturers are among the most recognizable names in boating. Wondering who is on the list? Find current NMMA Certified manufacturers at nmma.org/certification.

As an NMMA Certified manufacturer, you’ve exceeded what’s required by law, ensuring you invest in providing a quality experience for boaters through investing to differentiate your brand and build an elite product through third-party, hands-on inspections of your boats; sourcing of compliant components that have been tested to current industry standards; meeting applicable U.S. boatbuilding standards (Coast Guard regulations and American Boat and Yacht Council); ensuring that during the design phase, the prototype and documentation contain the necessary information to be compliant; and studying updated standards to complete annual compliance exams.


These accomplishments are something that need to be shared with the public. Marketing a safe boat that protects the consumer will keep your customers boating with friends and family for decades to come.

There are a number of ways to amplify the value and importance of your NMMA Certification to boaters and potential boat buyers. For starters, you can promote your NMMA Certified boats, yachts, PWC and trailers.

To obtain a copy of the NMMA Certified logo, email me at sberry@nmma.org. You also can use NMMA Certified capacity and yacht plates on board the vessel; place NMMA Certified decals on your boats, yachts and trailers; place the NMMA Certified logo in your advertising and marketing materials, which may include brochures and product catalogs, magazine and print advertising, your website, social media content, and marketing emails; educate your dealers and sales staff about how being NMMA Certified can set you apart from your competitors; make sure the NMMA Certified logo is included in signage at dealerships; and incorporate the NMMA Certified logo into signage and exhibits at boat shows.

By investing in the promotion of your NMMA Certification, you’re letting the consumer know that your product has met the highest standards, providing extra confidence and safety on the water and, ultimately, building more brand equity and loyalty.

Scott Barry

Scott Barry

To support NMMA Certified manufacturers, we promote your investment in quality and safety by exclusively promoting NMMA Certified boats, yachts and trailers to consumers. The NMMA does this by way of boat show signage; promotion on DiscoverBoating.com, including a full listing of NMMA Certified manufacturers; advertisements in consumer boating magazines; NMMA boat show guides, editorials and advertisements, including full listings of NMMA Certified manufacturers; and promotion of NMMA Certified boats on NMMA boat-show websites and in consumer newsletters.

I also encourage you to consider products and publications that the NMMA produces to help keep your customers safe and having fun on the water, including using warning labels, information labels and printed and digital safety content, available as free downloads from the NMMA. 

This article was originally published in the October 2021 issue.


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