Sail magazine announces 2020 Best Boats Contest

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At today’s Newport International Boat Show, Sail magazine kicked off its 2020 Best Boats awards program. Last spring, Sail sent invitations to boatbuilders to participate.

The nominees were featured in the September issue of the magazine, online at and in its Under Sail e-newsletter. A team of Sail editors and judges will evaluate this year’s class of 30 new boats, examining the construction and performance and interviewing builders and designers. The winners will be featured in Sail’s January 2020 issue.

Following are the 10 categories:

•Flagship, Monohull (51 feet and longer)

•Flagship, Multihull (51 feet and longer)

•Cruising Multihull (41 to 50 feet)

•Cruising Monohull (41 to 50 feet)

•Cruising Multihill (31 to 40 feet)

•Cruising Monohull (31 to 40 feet)

•Small Cruiser (less than 30 feet)

•Performance boat (longer than 31 feet)

•Performance boat (less than 30 feet)



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