ABBRA releases 2014 wage survey

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New survey results show that wages at boatyards rose slightly in 2014 and remained stable.

Results from the American Boat Builders & Repairers Association 2014 Compensation Benefits Survey are segmented by size of business, based on the annual revenue for boatyard services.

Survey data were collected from ABBRA members nationwide, along with local marine trade associations’ members and additional participants from the marina and boatyard industry.

The report, called the ABBRA Compensation and Benefits Benchmark Study, serves as a resource for employers in the boatyard, marine service and repair sectors to gauge rates, salaries and benefits in the current employment market. It also ensures that employees and independent contractors are obtaining the correct compensation for their work.

“We continue to see a measure of stability in the levels of wages for the wide range of boatyard positions we collect data on,” ABBRA executive director Gordon Connell said in a statement. “On average, there was a 2 to 3 percent increase across all categories, with the key technical and skilled positions continuing to command strong rates.”

The results provide information for a broad array of job types and those jobs identified as the most common in today’s boatyards. Data on hourly wages, average vacation time, health benefits and retirement plans are also in the results.

The survey was done by Rhode Island-based Survey Advantage on behalf of ABBRA. All data are analyzed and presented in aggregate.

The study is available at no cost to businesses that provided data for this year’s survey.

The survey is available for purchase at $85 for ABBRA members and $150 for non-members.


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