Avalon and Volvo Penta partner on a new boat

The Waketooon is the first pontoon boat with Volvo Penta’s Forward Drive.

The Waketooon is the first pontoon boat with Volvo Penta’s Forward Drive.

At the Minneapolis Boat Show, boatbuilder Avalon and Tahoe Manufacturing and engine manufacturer Volvo Penta unveiled a new Waketoon Surf Series pontoon. The companies said the design combines a high-performance pontoon and a wakesurf boat. It won an Innovation Award from the National Marine Manufacturers Association and Boating Writers International at the show.

The patent-pending pontoon design has an integrated rocker and wave shaping plates that eliminate the ballast systems on other wake-sports boats, which add weight and must be filled and emptied. Additionally, the design provides wakes for tandem surfing.

“This isn’t just the introduction of a never-before-seen type of pontoon without ballast and the ability to surf on either side of the wake,” Jim Wolf, Avalon and Tahoe president, said in a statement. “We see it as the emergence of a totally new type of sport called ‘waketooning,’ where generations can come together to enjoy water sports and wakesurfing on the stern of a powerful pontoon. This revolutionary design would not have been possible without the partnership with Volvo Penta and integration of its innovative engineering solutions.”

The Waketoon is the first pontoon equipped with Volvo Penta’s Forward Drive.

“Five years ago, we revolutionized the gasoline sterndrive industry through the introduction of the Forward Drive, and history is now repeating itself as we partner with Avalon on the new Waketoon Surf Series pontoon,” Martin Bjuve, president of Volvo Penta of the Americas, said in the statement. “From cruising to water sports, this versatile pontoon package will accommodate a wide range of on-the-water activities and extend the benefits of our Easy Boating solutions to a wider audience.”

Click here for a video of the Waketoon.