B&G introduces two new sailing chart plotters

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The B&G Vulcan 12 and Vulcan 7 (below) are dedicated sailing chart plotters.

The B&G Vulcan 12 and Vulcan 7 (below) are dedicated sailing chart plotters.

B&G said it has launched the Vulcan family of sailing chart plotters.

The new series offers 7-, 9- and 12-inch screens with Broadband Radar compatibility.

The Vulcan range features a multi-touch screen with a menu structure designed to facilitate setting courses, reading wind speed and direction, displaying depth and bearings and other functions.

“The newly updated and expanded Vulcan family brings high-spec sailing features and radar to our entry-level range of chart plotters and truly showcases how B&G ensures all sailors have access to the best technology, which in the past has been exclusive to the top racing teams,” said Leif Ottosson, CEO of Navico, parent company of B&G, in a statement. “From its high-speed GPS, SailSteer ForwardScan sonar to the addition of Broadband Radar, every part of the new Vulcan series has been designed to meet the needs of sailors at all levels.”

The B&G Vulcan 7

The B&G Vulcan 7

All Vulcan plotters include SailSteer and SailingTime, which combine essential data into one screen, plus a SailSteer chart overlay that enhances awareness of laylines and wind shifts. Sailors can also use Predict Wind weather forecast and route planning. For racers, the Vulcans feature a Startline countdown timer and a racecourse-building tool.

B&G’s Broadband 3G or 4G Radar connectivity lets the Vulcan series identify and track targets from the boat’s bow up to 36 nautical miles away. The plotters can also connect to SonicHub marine audio, V20 and V50 DSC VHF radios and AIS transceivers.

Vulcan models are also built with ForwardScan capability, which enables forward-looking sonar beneath the surface. When connected to a B&G autopilot system, the Vulcans can act as a secondary autopilot controller. Vulcan features built-in Wi-Fi, allowing connection to the internet via smartphone, a hotspot or at a marina.

Additionally, users can mirror the screen and control the plotter from virtually anywhere on the boat on a compatible iOS or Android device by downloading the Link app.


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