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C-MAP offers premium upgrade

C-MAP recently launched Genesis Edge, a premium upgrade to the free mapping service known as C-MAP Genesis.
The Fishbrain app, shown here, is now available on C-MAP screens.

The Fishbrain app, shown here, is now available on C-MAP screens.

C-MAP, a supplier of digital marine cartography and cloud-based mapping solutions, recently launched Genesis Edge, a premium upgrade to the free mapping service known as C-MAP Genesis.

“We are very excited to deliver powerful information-based products and services to our customers,” C-MAP head of product Greg Konig said in a statement. “C-MAP is a brand that anglers trust to give them highly detailed and accurate cartography. With the addition of Genesis Edge to our offerings, we hope to make it easier to catch more and bigger fish.”

C-MAP also teamed with Fishbrain, the world’s largest angler-focused app, to share resources across their platforms. Genesis Edge subscribers will have immediate access to public Fishbrain catch locations on C-MAP Genesis charts online and Fishbrain Premium subscribers will see waypoints and their GPS position overlaid on C-MAP Genesis maps on their smartphones.

Fishbrain Premium is an upgrade to the free app that provides anglers with additional tools and insights.

“Anglers choose C-MAP to get the most accurate mapping available, but there is a rapidly growing need for an all-inclusive mobile-app solution for the fishing segment,” Konig said in a statement. “We are excited to partner with Fishbrain to give them an added layer of fishing intelligence and the most comprehensive set of tools available.”

C-MAP Genesis crowdsources sonar data from a growing community of anglers and boaters into Social Map, an online database of free downloadable charts for bodies of water around the world. C-MAP said the community contributed almost 4 million acres to Social Map in 2014 and has increased contributions each year by an average of more than 60 percent.

“This new integration will take Fishbrain and C-MAP users’ experience to the next level with the most accurate and detailed information on the places they fish,” Fishbrain CEO Johan Attby said in a statement. “By putting C-MAP’s high-detail charts into our anglers’ hands we are furthering our commitment to make fishing more enjoyable and outings more productive than ever before.

The companies said that integrating the app’s catch locations into Genesis charts will help anglers identify why fish were caught where they were. It can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

A new feature with Genesis Edge is a bottom-hardness map that anglers can use to target the most productive hard-bottom portions of spot-on-the-spot areas such as ledges and sunken islands.

When overlaid onto contour lines, the maps provide a color-coded representation of the size, shape and location of areas of differing bottom hardness. Genesis Edge also shows submerged vegetation layers, which are known ambush spots for larger fish to attack baitfish.



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