Canadian companies develop radio-operated vessel

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Canadian recreational and commercial boatbuilder A.F. Theriault & Son Ltd. recently partnered with Meggitt Training Systems Canada Inc. to develop new boatbuilding techniques and a new training vessel that it said would "revolutionize live military operation exercises - and open up a whole new world of opportunity in international markets."

The Hammerhead Unmanned Surface Vehicle Target emerged from their collaborative efforts — a new radio-operated training boat designed for use in navy training exercises in Canada and around the world.

Want to see the Hammerhead in action? Check out this clip from the Discovery Channel's Daily Planet.

Theriault is one of the largest, privately owned shipyards in Canada's Atlantic region. This family business was founded in 1938 by Augustin Theriault, and today it builds recreational and commercial vessels up to 130 feet.