Charles Marine debuts new power products


Charles Marine, the Illinois-based manufacturer of AC and DC electrical products, continues to invest in new products to meet the challenges of declining boat sales and cautious consumer spending.

"We have faith in the industry and are investing our efforts in building a firm position to handle the needs of boaters once the market recovers," general manager Lyle St. Romain said in a statement.

The company is launching a range of solutions for boat owners of small and mid-size vessels to megayachts and workboat operators. For example, the new PM3 100 AC Power Management System expands the company's reach into the megayacht market.

The system provides yachts 65 feet and up with 200-amp service and lets yacht owners operate the maximum rated amount of AC electrical equipment without fear of exceeding load capacity. The unit's three-piece modular design allows boatbuilders to distribute its weight aboard the yacht as required.

Charles Marine also introduced two new transformer add-ons. The SmartBoost 50 offers a 13 percent AC voltage boost to any existing 50-amp transformer, and the SoftStart (SST) module is designed to regulate power and eliminate tripping of dockside breakers from initial in-rush current.

Finally, the new BattCom was designed to automate charging and eliminate the need for battery isolators on boats ranging from 15 to 29 feet. The microprocessor-controlled BattCom automatically detects charging power from an alternator or battery charger and combines the main and reserve batteries for charging. Upon stopping the engine or removing the battery charger, BattCom will disconnect, allowing both batteries to provide power independently of each other.

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