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Companies form marine electronic safety group


Two marine industry leaders in LED lighting and safety controls announced the formation of the Marine Industry Safety Energy Affiliates Group.

The MISEA Group unites Orca Green Marine and Signal Mate to create a single one-stop solution center for making a boat as safe and energy-efficient as possible, the companies announced.

The MISEA Group's full line of harsh-environment and navigation light-emitting diode lighting and safety-control solutions enables recreational, commercial and military marine users to be safe on the water and save money in the process.

The MISEA Group, in conjunction with other companies in a Yacht to be Green consortium, will launch a new initiative in the coming months that enables the conscientious boat owner to implement an energy plan quickly and affordably through a Renewable Energy Specialist program coordinated with more than 175 local riggers and boatyards nationwide and centralized through a single website.

“It’s about small U.S. businesses coming together and helping each other get through a tough economy while simultaneously offering a unique solution to boaters faced with increasing costs of enjoying their time on the water,” Meghan Matthews, founder of Orca Green Marine and principal in the MISEA Group, said in a statement. “This alignment allows us to offer broad energy and safety solutions to our boatbuilder customers, as well as a streamlined business relationship with our wholesale distributors and retailers.”


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