Cummins to power new ferry

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Azam Marine has chosen twin Cummins QSK95 engines to power the new Kilimanjaro VII ferry.

“The QSK95 is a perfect fit for highly sophisticated vessels such as Kilimanjaro VII,” said Jim Schacht, executive director, Cummins Global Marine Business, in a statement. “This product fully leverages Cummins unique experience with our in-house technologies such as turbochargers, filtration and electronics delivering increased power and reliability, fast transient response and simple serviceability.”

The QSK95 is the newest, most powerful Cummins diesel engine for the marine market with power output with ratings ranging from 3,200 to 4,200 hp for propulsion, auxiliary, generator and diesel electric applications.

“Cummins has supported us well in the past, leading us to select the QSK95 for our newest and largest addition to the fleet,” said Abubakar Aziz Salim, managing director of Azam Marine. “The unique engine design, high power density and available continuous-use power has allowed us to use a vessel design we are familiar with but expand its capability to carry more passengers.”

Azam Marine and Coastal Fast Ferries operate passenger ferry boats between the islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and mainland Tanzania. At 148 feet long, Kilimanjaro VII is the largest boat in the fleet of seven. The fast catamaran hull was designed by Incat Crowther and uses water jets to reach its top speed of 36.8 mph.


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