Dometic offers help on cooling systems affected by Gulf oil spill


In response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Dometic Marine issued Guidance Notes regarding the operation of any water-cooled air-conditioning and refrigeration systems affected by oil.

"While the effects of crude oil contamination on water-cooled air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment are not yet thoroughly known, it is recognized that crude oil could be detrimental to the water-cooled equipment typically used on boats," Dometic Marine president Frank Marciano said in a statement.

The Guidance Notes, which include preventive and corrective actions for equipment protection, are available online.

Dometic also issued a field notice to its network of dealers, distributors, OEMs and manufacturer representatives who may be affected by the spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Boaters operating in or exposed to oil-contaminated water are advised to contact their nearest Dometic dealer for service recommendations.

Click here for the Guidance Notes.