Evinrude announces water research fellowship recipients

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Wisconsin-based Evinrude named two local students as the 2018-2019 Evinrude Water Research Excellence Fellows.

The fellowships went to Emily Lou LaMartina, a Racine native pursuing her master’s thesis in microbial ecology, and Erik Carlson, a Kenosha County who is finishing his master’s thesis in fisheries.

The program awards two fellowships worth $5,000 to master and PhD level students at the University of Wisconsin’s Milwaukee’s School of Freshwater Sciences to help fund their research.

“With the Evinrude Water Research Excellence Fellowship, I will be able to dedicate the time and attention this research demands for the future of water,” said LaMartina in a statement. “The funding from the fellowship will help support my goal to achieve a healthier environment for all dwellers of water, human or microbe, large or small.”

LaMartina hopes to present her research at the Microbial Ecology and Water Engineering Specialist Conference in November 2019.

Carlson will present his research to the International Association for Great Lakes Research and Great Lakes Fishery Commission in 2019.

Evinrude donates E-TEC G2 outboard engines to the School of Freshwater Sciences, and provides financial support to the school’s fellowship research program.

Both forms of support help the School conduct research needed for understanding and protecting the Great Lakes and other freshwater resources.

“The School of Freshwater Sciences’ fellowship program recognizes outstanding students who are dedicated to the study and preservation of our waterways,” said BRP Marine Group president and Evinrude vice president and general manager Tracy Crocker. “As one of the few schools in the world that offers such a program, it is important that we take part in efforts that help to preserve marine resources.”


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