Front Street Shipyard to build new high-performance center consoles

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Navatek Ltd of Honolulu, Hawaii, is launching a line of center-console boats under the Sea Blade X brand. The boats will be built by Front Street Shipyard in Belfast, Maine.

The Sea Blade X line will have composite construction, with the company’s stepped V-bottom design that was developed for military applications. It is the first recreational boat to use the company’s patented hull that it says reduces physical trauma on the bodies of operators and passengers. Sea Blade boats are currently used for law enforcement in Hawaii. The pleasure version will have teak decking and be powered by twin 300-hp outboards.

The boat combines a stepped hull with outer sponsons that enhance stability.

The boat combines a stepped hull with outer sponsons that enhance stability.

“The Sea Blade X line puts the best performing rough-water hull ever engineered in the hands of recreational boaters for the first time,” Brian Barer, director of advanced hull planing forms for Sea Blade and Navatek, in a statement. “The SBX36 combines a truly revolutionary hull with yacht-quality outfitting. This isn’t available anywhere else in the marketplace.”

The first SBX36 is under construction at Front Street Shipyard and is expected to be ready for sea trials next spring. A dealer network is being finalized.


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