Fusion Expands Apollo Series

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garmin fusion

Garmin has expanded its Fusion-branded Apollo series with its Apollo WB670 hideaway system and the Apollo ERX400 wired remote.

The WB670 eliminates the need for a stereo to be present on the dash, and the ERX400 offers audio control with a remote design that can be mounted.

“We know dash space is valuable real estate on a boat, that’s why we’re pleased to add the WB670 hideaway system and the ERX400 wired remote to our Apollo Series, giving customers more flexibility for the stereo location without compromising audio quality,” said Garmin global consumer sales vice president Dan Bartel in a statement.

“Controlling your onboard audio entertainment has never been so easy or looked this good,” said Bartel.

WB670 features Fusion’s DSP — which enables the optimization of speakers, subwoofer and amplifiers in each zone on the boat — as well as PartyBus-Network capabilities and audio streaming with Apple AirPlay 2.

The ERX400 with ethernet connectivity allows users to add audio control to any zone on board and across multiple Apollo Series stereos. The 2.7-inch LCD display can be mounted almost anywhere and is designed to withstand the marine environment.

Easy updating is part of both packages as well via a Wi-Fi enabled Apollo Series network — utilizing the Fusion-Link app — or through a Garmin MFD.

The new Apollo WB670 is available now for $449.99, and the ERX400, also available now, retails for $229.99.