Garmin adds power to Fantom radar

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The new units have dual-range technology so information can be shown on two screens.

The new units have dual-range technology so information can be shown on two screens.

Garmin International Inc., has unveiled its GMR Fantom 54/56 and Fantom 124/126 solid-state compression radar with MotionScope Doppler technology that offer 50 and 120 watts of power, respectively. Garmin says this output is class leading.

Garmin adds that the new models have more than double the power output of its existing Fantom units and they offer improved detection range and target separation at close and long ranges.

“More power means you’ll get more consistent target positioning, excellent target separation and unprecedented close- and long-range target detection for a clear, concise image of the shoreline, other vessels, flocks of birds and impending weather right on your Garmin chartplotter,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales,” in a statement. “The new Fantom 54/56 and 124/126 are the most powerful solid-state compression radars available on the market today, and we’re excited to deliver a solution that offers this much performance, reliability and ease of use.”

Available in a 4- or 6-foot open arrays, the Fantom 54/56 and 124/126 series use the Doppler effect to detect and highlight moving targets to help users avoid potential collisions, find flocks of birds and track weather in a single ping. Pulse compression technology lets the radar units the ability to provide high resolution while maximizing energy on targets to enhance detection and identification of targets. The Fantom 54/56 puts out 50 watts of pulse compression power output, the approximate equivalent to a 6kW magnetron while the Fantom 124/126 deliver a 120W power output, the approximate equivalent to a 15kW magnetron. Pulse expansion can maximize target size to differentiate real objects from noise.

MotionScope highlights moving targets on the radar display in color to make them easier to see. When the Echo Trails setting is used, a fading “trail” on the screen can help identify the direction of the moving targets and potential collision threats.

For close and long-range detection, the Fantom 124/126 has a range from as close as 20 feet to as far as 96 nautical miles while the 54/56 has detection range up to 72 nautical miles. All Fantom radars offer a dual-range feature so mariners can see close- and long-distance range views simultaneously with an overlay on a chart for one or both ranges. It lets the captain keep an eye on immediate surroundings and farther out without having to switch between screens.

The new units also have Auto Bird Gain, which lets users locate flocks of birds. Dynamic auto Gain and Dynamic Sea Filter continually adjust to surroundings, water and weather conditions. The Fantom 54/56 and 124/126 are compatible with many Garmin multifunction displays and chartplotters. 


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