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Garmin rolls out new updates for products


Garmin International today announced a software update for the GPSMap and echoMap series of combination chart plotter and fishfinder units.

New features are being made available to all users, providing essential boating data and sharing capabilities.

“We’re happy to offer so many new capabilities to new and existing GPSMap and echoMAP owners,” vice president of worldwide sales Dan Bartel said in a statement. “This software update benefits boaters, anglers and sailors of all types and provides features that allow for a better, more integrated experience on the water. Anglers can utilize great new networking and sharing capabilities, while the sailor can determine more pivotal sailing data when they need it the most.”

The new series will now be able to share supplemental maps and user data such as waypoints, routes and tracks. This update also will provide selected networking capabilities to select devices, allowing the boater to share features with other GPSMap combo units, such as radar and DownVü and SideVü sonar via GCV 10. In addition to networking, these units also will support a newly designed, high-resolution sea surface temperature feature.

For sailing customers, the full series of new GPSMap products will come with a new suite of sailing features. On initial setup, the unit can be configured specifically to meet the sailor’s needs. This unlocks easy-to-use features such as laylines, which guide the user about when to tack and gybe.

The sailing package also includes simultaneous heading and course lines, a new wind rose that shows true/apparent wind simultaneously and new sailing data fields. In conjunction with the new gWind transducers, sailors will have pivotal sailing information at their fingertips.


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