GOST joins effort to stop human trafficking

Marine security and surveillance systems company Global Ocean Security Technologies joined the 1000 Heroes Program by Phantom Rescue.

Marine security and surveillance systems company Global Ocean Security Technologies joined the 1000 Heroes Program by Phantom Rescue.

A non-profit organization, Phantom Rescue deploys globally to locate, rescue and return children who have been taken and sold into the child sex-trafficking industry and works to impede the underground entities that enable the industry.

The new program is a concentrated search to attract 1,000 business or individual sponsors to contribute to end child trafficking.

“The truth about human trafficking is that it has been ignored for too long. The task at hand is too large and daunting to continue by ourselves. It requires a collaborative effort from the government, numerous non-profit organizations and the community as a whole,” Phantom Rescue founder Tony Sparks said in a statement.

“Our 1000 Heroes Program will provide the needed support to rescue these children. We aren’t simply calling it the Hero Program; contributors truly are heroes and have a direct and positive impact on their safety.”

Donations to the program apply to the costs of the actual rescue, to communications and hot line management, education and deterrence training for cities, emergency services for recovered victims, counseling, housing, and food and clothing for victims as they acclimate to life after their ordeal.

“GOST is committed to helping Phantom Rescue in its vital mission to stamp out child sex slavery and hold accountable those who participate in it,” GOST CEO Erin Keenan said.

“We are proud to be the first of the Phantom Heroes and are committed to supporting their recovery goals over the next five years. Financial support from the community is imperative to be able to rescue these children from the horrifying situations they are in. The atrocities these children must endure is hard to even think about it. Our society does not realize how big a problem child trafficking is. In the United States alone we lose 17,000 children a year, that is 46 children a day, we need to increase awareness and join together to do all we can to keep our children safe.”

Phantom’s operational expertise comes from the team’s specialized experience of retired and former U.S. military Special Operations Forces and other government agencies. Team members have worked alongside their counterparts in U.S. State Department embassies and consulates, law enforcement, the Cyber Task Force, Internet Crimes against Children Task Force, FBI, CIA and Interpol.

The organization has been active since 2007 and recently executed its 50th rescue.


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