Indel Webasto Marine signs contract with American Boatbuilders Association

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TEASER: The five-year deal makes Indel Webasto the exclusive provider of Isotherm refrigeration and and Isotemp water heaters to member builders

Indel Webasto Marine signed a five-year contract with the American Boatbuilders Association. The company said in a statement that it signed an exclusive agreement to provide the association of 22 builders with its Isotherm marine refrigeration and Isotemp stainless steel water heaters. ABA companies produce more than 15 percent of the fiberglass boats larger than 16 feet built in North America.

“We are honored to be chosen by the ABA for this exclusive five-year refrigeration and water heater contract,” said Paolo Berdini, executive vice president, in the statement. “This contract is a confirmation of all the efforts made by the Indel Webasto Marine team to supply superior products and excellent customer service to ABA members.”

The contract begins in July.

Isotherm products are the choice of over 175 global boat builders. The brand has been the exclusive choice of ABA members for over 18 years, said Berdini.

Indel Webasto Marine is headquartered in Italy. It is a joint venture between Germany-based automotive supplier, Webasto, and the Italian refrigeration specialist, Indel B. 


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