Honda Marine upgrades styling and components on three outboards

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Honda has enhanced its BF75, BF90 and BF100 engines.

Honda has enhanced its BF75, BF90 and BF100 engines.

Honda Marine has redesigned the BF75, BF90 and BF100 outboards and upgraded them with new features, including a digital multifunction display.

“With the refreshed Honda BF75, BF90 and BF100 outboard motors, Honda Marine’s lineup of midsize motors has a modern and distinctive style,” Will Walton, assistant vice president of Honda Marine, said in a statement. “Honda Marine customers interested in the new BF75, BF90 and BF100 outboard motors will also appreciate improved features and usability, exceptional fuel efficiency and the legendary Honda reliability.”

From a styling standpoint, the three motors feature the “crouching form” design that Honda introduced on the BF4, BF5 and BF6 models in 2016. The wedge-shaped cowling is designed with the front of the cover lower than the back to create a more streamlined appearance.

Four enhancements for the trio of motors are intended to facilitate routine maintenance. An anode cover added to the engine’s water jacket provides access to the anode metal. A new thermostat cover makes replacing that accessory easier. Honda said corrosion resistance has been improved and there is an enhanced interface to the engine manufacturer’s diagnostic system.

Borrowing technology from Honda automobiles, the BF90 and BF100 have Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control, which uses milder cam lobes to operate intake valves and low rpm and then engages a high-output lobe for higher-rpm operation. On all three of the midsize engines programmed fuel injection uses microprocessor technology to accurately control the ignition timing during startup and through the operating range.

The Boosted Low Speed Torque System improves holeshot by advancing ignition spark timing. The engine control module then increases injector timing to create the optimum fuel/air mixture. Lastly, Lean Burn Control adjusts the air/fuel mixture according to speed and load.

For larger motors, Honda’s Intelligent Shift & Throttle, which was introduced on the BF250 in 2014, is now available on the BF200 and BF225.

The BF200, BF225 and BF250 are available in the standard aquamarine silver or grand prix white. The BF150 will be available in grand prix white next spring.



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