IBBI hands out supplier awards


Independent Boat Builders Inc. named Dometic Marine the recipient of the fourth annual John “Walkabout” Sisson Memorial Innovation Award for its new Eskimo Cup.

The award was announced at IBBI’s recent meeting in St. Louis.

“We are happy to announce the 2015 John ‘Walkabout’ Sisson Innovation Award was presented to Dometic’s Eskimo Cup entry,” IBBI president Tom Broy said in a statement. “Our members voted amongst several new products during our meeting earlier this month. We had great entries this year, but Dometic’s Eskimo Cup really captured the innovative thinking that we look for to honor John Sisson.”

John "Walkabout" Sisson served on the IBBI’s board of directors and on the technical committee while with Malibu and Bryant Boats.

“This is also an opportunity to reward a supplier for their innovative thinking and to display new products that drive our industry forward,” Broy said. “Dometic’s Eskimo Cup is very unique in that your drink is staying cool on the boat simply from this specialized cup holder.”

“Dometic is thrilled that our thermoelectric cup holder, the Eskimo Cup, has been honored with an IBBI Innovation Award. A first in the marine industry, the Dometic Eskimo Cup brings a new element of luxury and comfort onboard, keeping drinks refrigerator-cold even on the hottest days,” Dometic Marine director of national OEM sales Ed Todd said.

“A soda or beer may be cold enough when you pull it out of the ice chest, but from that moment on it starts warming up. Now, for the first time in the history of boating, your beverage will actually get colder as you drink it.”

ASA Electronics was named overall Supplier of the Year. Lenco Marine and Composites One also received Supplier of the Year honors.

IBBI handed out Outstanding Partner Awards to companies that narrowly missed out on the top awards — Piedmont Plastics, Fin-Addict Marine and Inland Plywood.

AcryliCo was named Best New Supplier to the group.