Icom partners with Iridium

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Japan-based Icom Inc. has partnered Virginia-based Iridium Communications Inc. to sell a new satellite Push-To-Talk communications product for the Iridium network.

In a collaboration with both companies’ core competencies, Icom’s radio proficiency and Iridium’s satellite expertise, the partnership will provide a professional radio communications solution to allow users to communicate wherever they are on the earth.

The Satellite PTT radio is a professional radio communications system using the Iridium satellite communication network. This system enables real-time, one-to-many communication around the world by pushing a transmit button.

In addition, Iridium’s interconnected satellite architecture ensures stable communications, even if large-scale disasters occur on earth and terrestrial networks are compromised.

“Icom has been developing various wireless communications equipment for land use, marine use, and air band use,” said Icom president Masataka Harima in a statement. “This Satellite PTT project will be a tough challenge, but the project will fill an important piece of our product lineups that cover all areas from the surface of the earth and even in to space. We continue to challenge ourselves.”

“The market has shown a clear demand for a PTT-only radio solution designed for the Iridium network,” said Joel Thompson, vice president of global product and service management for Iridium. “With Icom’s significant experience in the LMR sector, we believe they are the perfect partner to introduce what will be the world’s first truly-global PTT-only handheld.” 



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