Iowa boatbuilder caters to duck hunters


Kerry Nicolaus and Scott Thorne say serious duck hunters know exactly what they want in a boat.

So they combined their expertise in metal fabrication with their passion for waterfowling into MarshMonster, a boatbuilder in Iowa’s Cedar Valley that caters to the preferences of duck hunters, The Courier newspaper (Waterloo/Cedar Falls) reported.

The two joined fellow waterfowlers Todd Pruisner and Scott Schrage to build and sell boats, motors and accessories and modify existing boats. The group launched MarshMonster two years ago and started building boats this year.

“Everything we build is about 1/8-inch aluminum," Nicolaus told the newspaper. “Industry standard is a lot thinner and lighter, but we know that where we're taking these boats they need to be able to handle some rough stuff. We build them like a tank.”

Iowa-designed boats for Iowan hunters is a practical idea, Nicolaus said.

“Most flat-bottom boats are built in Arkansas, Louisiana, the Carolinas — swamp boats," he said. "That's where the core of it is, but that's much different type of water than what we do. We want flat, smooth bottoms, nothing to catch on rocks and sand. It's basically trying to service that niche in the market that nobody else fills perfectly.”

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