IYRS summer tours start next week

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IYRS Viewbook 2013

The International Yacht Restoration School’s “Mastering the Craft” series returns this summer, starting with a June 6 tour of the Clear Carbon & Components facility in Bristol, R.I.

The focus of the series this year is “Making with Modern Materials.”

“We see modern materials informing design thinking in a broad range of our economy, including wind energy, medical technologies, aerospace, automotive, boats, and now increasingly both residential and commercial construction,” IYRS president Terry Nathan said in a statement. “Some of this work is extraordinarily technical and very craft-oriented.”

Clear Carbon & Components specializes in creating feature components for other manufacturers and wholesale distributors. Clear Carbon’s engineering department is equipped with SolidWorks design software integrated with Mastercam machining software to create complex patterns and molds directly from 3D digital models. Its crew of fabricators includes composite techs with decades of experience.

The series offers a unique window into understanding a modern face to craftsmanship by engaging master makers, builders and companies in the local area in Rhode Island who work with composite materials.

The series offers four special-access opportunities that are scheduled for Fridays at 3:30 p.m. at manufacturer locations. The other three are:

• June 20: Hall Composites (Bristol, R.I.) with Ben Hall and Pete Levesque

• July 18: IYRS School of Composites Technology (Bristol, R.I.) with Henry Eliot and Dirk Kramer

• Aug. 1: TPI Composites (Warren, R.I.) with Steve Nolet

The series will conclude Aug. 15 with a roundtable discussion for the larger public audience. Series participants will be joined by 3D printing entrepreneur Ping Fu for a conversation moderated by Richard Saul Wurman, an American architect and graphic designer who has written more than 80 books and founded the TED conference.

Tickets for the roundtable, which cost $25, can be purchased in advance.

Dates are subject to change. For information or to reserve a tour ticket, contact director of philanthropy Loriana De Crescenzo at ldecrescenzo@iyrs.edu or (401) 848-5777, Ext. 204.