Lewmar opens sales office in Rhode Island

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Lewmar opened a sales office at the Newport Shipyard in Rhode Island.

The sailboat and powerboat hardware supplier said it is committed to growing its U.S. market and widening its footprint on the power and sailing yacht markets by offering greater access to its services and products.

Lewmar said Newport Shipyard has outstanding facilities, the biggest lifts and the most dock space in town and is a prime location for many major refits to power and sailing yachts.

The office opened Sunday. John McCabe, the company’s East Coast sales manager and U.S. custom sales manager, will be based there.

“The region around Newport is abundant with boatbuilders and marine services, including both current and potential clients of Lewmar,” McCabe said in a statement. “The office provides a sales platform that is at the heart of the Northeast U.S. marine industry and the overall U.S. marine market.”


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