Livin’ the Water Life

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1. YamahaStory

Yamaha WaterCraft Group yesterday went live with a new customer relationship program called “Livin’ the Water Life.” The program is designed for owners of Yamaha WaveRunners and Boats. The “post-purchase” program, according to a Yamaha statement, includes “regular, personalized communications based on the model purchased” for a period of three years.

“Our digital team has created a cutting-edge and uniquely personalized platform that will impress our customers and grow all aspects of the Yamaha brand,” said general manager Bryan Seti in the statement. “The goal is to have created an amazing ownership experience that makes loyal Yamaha customers want to step up into a new model and stay their local Yamaha dealership for all of their outdoor recreational needs.”

The program’s emails are focused on driving owners back to their dealerships for service, accessories and future Yamaha products, added Seti.

The program will include: Tips and tricks to using their products (docking, trailering, and connecting Bluetooth); pre- and post-ride checklists; maintenance guides and service reminders; local boating destinations; top accessories for their model; Yamaha extended service promotions; information on boating safety courses; information about other Yamaha product lines, and others.

“This campaign is 100 percent focused on making ownership with our WaveRunners and Boats an unforgettable experience,” said Andrew Cullen, digital marketing and communications manager, in the statement. “It is one that will keep them fiercely passionate and loyal to the brand, now and in the future.”