Man Overboard app hits download milestone


Intelligent Maintenance, a sailing maintenance software company, announced its recently-launched Man Overboard app reached more than 1,000 downloads.

The app uses on-screen coordinates of a person overboard to alert the Coast Guard.

“A man-overboard situation happens more often than you think,” Intelligent Maintenance CEO Adrian Stanway said in a statement. “A simple trip on some deck clutter, a knock from the boom, leaning back on a lifeline that snaps — suddenly someone’s in the water. The problem is that even at quite low speeds, the boat can be 500 yards from the person in less than a minute. The remaining crew just cannot see the person at that distance and against the background of waves. It’s always life-threatening and, sadly, often fatal.”

The app also allows for man-overboard drills using an inanimate object.

The key to a successful recovery is speed because the body loses heat 25 times faster in the water than in the air, Stanway said. It only takes 10 to15 minutes for body core temperature to drop to a point where arms and legs go numb and lose function. Swimming just wastes valuable body heat.

Man Overboard for iPhone is available from iTunes worldwide.

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