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Mazu releases new sportfishing app

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Mazu’s new app allows anglers to communicate on a private connection.

Mazu’s new app allows anglers to communicate on a private connection.

Technology and satellite communications company Mazu has launched sportfishing app that seeks to give anglers weather and sea state information, and provide powerful communications capabilities via satellite.

The Mazu SportFishing app links with the company’s m2500 hardware using the Iridium satellite network.

The app offers a unique method of in-app connectivity with its MazuChat.

This centralizes communication with and other anglers, allowing them to quickly relay information on a private connection.

Users can see their location as well as where they are in relation to their friends. If someone finds a great place to fish, the straightforward interface makes it simple to coordinate multiple boats and get them heading in the right direction.

Users can also select to hide their location by removing geographic information from specific, or all, chat contacts. MazuChat also provides worldwide email and SMS communications, even when outside of cellular coverage.

The mazu SportFishing app also provides easy access to comprehensive weather information, including sea surface temperature reports, chlorophyll data, altimetry and more on a mobile device. Helping anglers zero in on waters that hold fish, users can quickly overlay SST satellite images or chlorophyll charts to easily find temperature breaks and to see water clarity. The app also gives seven-day GRIB forecasts, live buoy data and NOAA weather alerts.

It also offers the ability to overlay nautical charts, access to on-screen tracking, and the option to create, edit, import or export routes.

“We are very excited about the wealth of powerful capabilities our new app brings to those with a passion for offshore fishing,” said Mazu product manager Craig Myers in a statement. “Designed to help anglers of all levels maximize their time on the water, mazu SportFishing delivers real-time, actionable data in an easy to understand format, on a convenient mobile platform.”

Mazu SportFishing is priced at $129.99 and compatible with iPads running iOS 10.2 or later. The m2500 bundle is priced at $995.


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