Mercury Racing unveils propellers at Houston show

Mercury Racing released two new propellers on Friday at the Houston Boat Show — the Revolution 4 XP and Revolution 4 XC.

Mercury Racing released two new propellers on Friday at the Houston Boat Show — the Revolution 4 XP and Revolution 4 XC.

The company said the Revolution 4 XP provides extreme precision when dialing in multi-engine, stepped-bottom performance center consoles (triple, quad and quint installations) and single-engine bay boats.

Well suited for Mercury Verado 350 and Mercury Racing 400R outboards, the new XP models offer an expanded range of 18-inch to 25.5-inch pitch sizes in half-inch increments, the company said. The half-inch pitch offerings enable engines to be dialed in to their maximum rpm operating range for enhanced throttle response, optimized cruise fuel efficiency and top speed.

The Revolution 4 XC propeller, designed for single-outboard-powered hulls, features an extreme amount of blade cup. The enhanced cup enables the engine to be run at elevated transom heights without sacrificing performance, the company said.

This is particularly beneficial for flats boats running in skinny water. The larger blade area enables the prop to stay hooked up for quick planing and enhanced performance throughout the engine rpm range, the company said. The exhaust tube is designed to support planing and stability at lower speeds. The combination of the extreme cup and custom exhaust tube results in enhanced low-speed planing efficiency.

In most of these applications, venting is not required to plane the boats quickly; however, should the need arise, the Rev 4 XP and XC propellers are equipped with the Mercury patented Performance Vent System, the company said. It enables the user to fine-tune the amount of venting, if needed.


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