Mercury responds to critical report


Mercury Marine responded to criticism from the Institute for Wisconsin's Future, a non-profit public policy group, over its business practices.

The IWF, which on its Web site claims to be a "non-partisan statewide organization dedicated to tax policy research, community organizing and education policy," issued a public report criticizing Mercury Marine for supposedly pressuring workers into accepting large contract concessions while the company accepted taxpayer-funded financial incentives. The report also takes issue with Mercury board members for the size of their compensation packages.

Mercury's response asserts that the IWF overlooks "some of the most pertinent specific facts about Mercury and the state of the marine industry."

Specifically, Mercury cites the "unprecedented economic conditions" all businesses are struggling with; the company's business plan to emerge stronger and more competitive in what will be a smaller, much different market; and the company's longstanding and significant contributions to the Fond du Lac region and the state as a whole.

Click here to read Mercury's full response.


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