Mercury, union meet about Wisconsin plans


Mercury Marine and officials of the International Association of Machinists and Aviation Workers met Monday in the third scheduled meeting to discuss the future of the company in Fond du Lac, Wis.

Mercury in earlier meetings had made detailed proposals regarding operational flexibility and benefits, according to a negotiation update on the "Charting our Course" section of the company Web site. The company said a detailed proposal regarding wages - the final component - was added to complete the package. Mercury said it now has a comprehensive unilateral proposal to advance negotiations with the union that has the potential for:

  • no wage reductions for current employees for the next three years and an overall structure for new hires and rehires.
  • health care and retirement plans that are much like its current plans for salaried employees.
  • an early retirement incentive proposal that provides an opportunity for employees to retire with their current benefits and potentially opens up new employment opportunities in the community.
  • the possibility of a long-term labor agreement in Fond du Lac.

Mercury said the union offered an initial proposal that the engine manufacturer will evaluate before the next meeting, scheduled for Thursday.