Mercury wins iF design award for V-6 outboards

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Mercury’s V-6 outboards are some of the most popular the company has introduced.

Mercury’s V-6 outboards are some of the most popular the company has introduced.

Mercury Marine has won an International Forum Design award in the Discipline Product category for its V-6 outboards. The new series of 3.4-liter motors was launched at the 2018 Miami International Boat Show.

“We are proud to be honored by iF with this prestigious design award,” John Pfeifer, Mercury Marine president, said in a statement. “The 3.4-liter engine platform has been one of the most popular engines we have ever launched, and its success is a product of design thinking and innovations that sets this engine class apart from anything else on the market.”

Some of the new features on the V-6 outboards focus on convenience, especially the top cowl service door that provides for easy oil checks. The statement also said that the goal of the 3.4-liter platform was to introduce a new visual language reflective of the advanced technology intended to improve performance and reliability.

“There’s nothing else like that on the market today,” Tim Reid, Mercury Marine vice president of engineering, said in the statement. “When you open that door, in order to disengage the cowl, you hit a button and that turns into a handle; that’s brilliant — a simple idea executed well, a tremendous asset to the customer.”

Mercury also won an iF design award in 2015 for its FourStroke outboards and in 2014 for its Electronic Remote Control.


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