MIAMI 2020: Siren Marine introduces Pro 3 system

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The new Mag Bay 42 comes standard with Siren equipment.

The new Mag Bay 42 comes standard with Siren equipment.

Siren Marine founder and CEO Dan Harper introduced a new Pro 3 system during a press event at the Miami International Boat Show, adding that the company’s goal is to provide “an agnostic gateway connected to everything on the boat.”

“The number of connected devices has doubled since 2015,” he said. “Ring [doorbells] and Nest [remote thermostats] are household names. And people want to know what’s happening with their boat.”

Siren founder and CEO Dan Harper.

Siren founder and CEO Dan Harper.

Siren Pro 3 can monitor battery and bilge levels, shore power and engines, and has been paired with ZF transmissions, Smart Command controls and joystick maneuvering systems. A gyroscopic stabilizer can be added to the network. Additionally, an owner can track a boat’s position and set a geofence to prevent unauthorized entry and theft.

For the Pro 3, Siren developed a tile program that uses the Siren app to display branded OEM-specific tiles for a given accessory, such as a stabilizer or generator. It displays custom metrics to connect the customer with support teams to address potential problems.

The company is also working on customer enterprise environments that are individualized for a given brand. It will use UI/UX data with fully integrated hosting.

The Siren Pro 3 hub has two harnesses with 24 inputs and up to 15 wireless sensors, as well as built-in NMEA connectivity. The box is powered by Iridium rechargeable batteries and is satellite ready.

The company didn’t say when the Pro 3 system will be available.

In other news, Siren also announced that it partnered with Mag Bay Yachts on its new 42 express sportfish, which debuted in Miami.

“When we launched Mag Bay Yachts in 2014, we set out to build fishing boats with an uncompromising commitment to quality, the finest attention to detail and the latest technological advancements,” Barrett Howarth, Mag Bay vice president, said in a statement. “It was clear to us that connected boats are the wave of the future. Siren Marine’s experience in marine telematics and ability to tailor its connected boat platform to the needs of our company and our customers made the choice an easy one.”

Siren has also partnered with such builders as Southport, Cobalt, Canyon Bay, Solace, MJM, as well as the major engine and electronics manufacturers.


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