MIAMI 2020: Suzuki displays two new outboards and a concept



The Suzuki DF300B could be good for repower applications.

The Suzuki DF300B could be good for repower applications.

Celebrating his 40th anniversary with Suzuki, vice president of marine sales Gus Blakely introduced two outboards and unveiled a concept model last at the Miami International Boat Show.

The DF300B is Suzuki’s second engine with contra-rotating stainless-steel propellers that the manufacturer said provide better “grip” upon acceleration, the result of a hydrodynamically efficient lower unit and increased blade surface area.

The concept engine is a 4-stroke available in 115- and 140-hp versions.

The concept engine is a 4-stroke available in 115- and 140-hp versions.

The 4.4-liter outboard has 10.5-to-1 compression ratio and can run on 87 octane fuel, which Suzuki said makes it suitable for variety of applications. The DF300B has an offset driveshaft and two-stage gear reduction. The 25-inch shaft model weighs 727 pounds.

“The compact design, performance characteristics and fuel efficiency of the DF300B make it an ideal match for today’s large center console sportfishers, offshore catamarans, performance pontoons and deckboats, and other popular vessels,” Blakely said in a statement.

While not revealing details, Suzuki also displayed a concept outboard rated at 115 and 140 hp.

It also introduced a Cargo series for the South American market. The first model is the DF90AWQH, a 90-hp fuel-injected 4-stroke designed for commercial fishing. Because pangas and similar boats are launched and retrieved from the beach, Suzuki designed a gas-assist tilt system that makes it easier to raise the engine. Other features include an adjustable tiller handle with an LED warning, water detection in the fuel system and a second water pickup.


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