My-Villages releases new DockMaster upgrade

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ESSEX, Conn. — Cam Collins, president of the data technology firm My-Villages, stopped by the Soundings Trade Only offices on Wednesday as part of a tour to let the industry know where the company is — and where it’s heading.

The latest news is that DockMaster, the marine business management software suite that was launched in 1983 and that My-Villages acquired late last year, was recently upgraded and improved.

Version 8.0 was recently launched after months of Beta testing and My-Villages is urging its DockMaster customers to make sure they are on the most current version of DockMaster in preparation for upgrading to the new 8.0 version, which will be generally available this Fall.

Both 8.0 and the current version of DockMaster provide seaminess connectivity to off-site “cloud” data storage. A number of new and existing DockMaster customers have moved their technology — hardware, software and data — out of their facility and onto the cloud. The result is less time and money spent on technology and more resources to focus on core business.

“Our customers are looking for reliability,” Collins said, noting customers who lost their servers – and data – in the aftermath of storms such as Hurricane Sandy.

“We’re telling them to get those servers outside of the four walls of their business to a secure off-site place where there is redundant power, automatic and reliable back-up, can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and can be easily shared,” Collins said.

“DockMaster gives marine businesses powerful options,” My-Villages founder and CEO Kevin Hutchinson said in a statement. “If people want to stick with their current setup and store their data locally, DockMaster can do that without a problem. But moving to a hosted solution in the cloud allows for greater efficiency, peace of mind and a much easier technology experience.”

Hutchinson said the cloud offers a more modern approach to business technology.

“Many industries have been doing business in the cloud for years, and we’re proud to help marine businesses move in that direction, too,” he said. “Our other application, The Boat Village, is cloud-based, as well, and complements the capabilities of DockMaster by enabling online service coordination between marine businesses and customers.”

Later this year DockMaster will be integrated with The Boat Village, an online service coordination and boat management tool, which will extend DockMaster’s capabilities to coordinate with customers online.

The integration, according to Hutchinson, will produce improved communication and coordination and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.