Navionics teams with mazu for iPad app

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Mazu can now use Navionics charts on an iPad.

Mazu can now use Navionics charts on an iPad.

At the Seattle Boat Show, mazu/SkyMate, a company that specializes in satellite communications, introduced an iPad app to create integration with Navionics charts. Mazu can now use Navionics charts for navigation, enhanced weather routing, simplified trip planning and other functions. Users can choose between NOAA charts and Navionics vector charts in the mazu app. To gain access to Navionics charts from the mazu app, users with an active Navionics subscription can register with their credentials and use the charts in the app.

“Working with a leading cartography company like Navionics makes mazu even better and helps Navionics users too,” said Craig Myers, product manager for mazu, in a statement. “Integrating Navionics into mazu provides both company’s customers with access to advanced charting solutions while maintaining the ease of use we are known for.”

Mazu is an iPad app that acts as the user interface and provides a dashboard to access to numerous functions. Global coverage lets boaters stay I touch via email and SMS texts. Weather is available in a variety of formats including seven-day forecasts showing wind and wave heights, access to GRIB files, and NEXRAD and NOAA weather alerts. Navigation includes routes, waypoints, NMEA data and on-screen tracking now featuring Navionics charts.


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