Sea Machines Robotics tests command and control systems for autonomous vessels

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Sea Marine’s SM300 is targeted at workboats.

Sea Marine’s SM300 is targeted at workboats.

Sea Machines Robotics wrapped up sea trials of its intelligent command and control systems for offshore commercial, scientific and government applications.

The Boston-based company’s new SM300 and SM200 are designed for computer-guided vessel operations. Already in use in North American and Europe, the products are targeted at commercial operations.

The SM300 is an industrial-grade vessel intelligence system providing autonomous command and control, plus direct remote-control operation via a wireless belt pack. The SM200 provides fully integrated, line-of-sight and remote-vessel control for collaborative vessel operations.

“This is the advanced technology that mariners have long been awaiting,” said Michael G. Johnson, Sea Machines CEO, in a statement. “Our products allow operators and crew to focus on higher-value tasks while at sea, empowering a commercial vessel to do more with predictable results and lower operational costs.”

The systems can be installed in existing vessels, as well as new builds.


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