Siren Marine adds features

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            The Siren MTC+2 and two wireless sensors   

            The Siren MTC+2 and two wireless sensors   

Siren Marine has added features to the MTC Boat Monitoring and Tracking system that make it easier for boat owners to access on board information from a phone, tablet or computer.

New custom-designed wireless sensors are compact, quick to install and built for the marine environment. They monitor water level, bilge-pump operation, battery voltage, boarding/entry and temperature. The sensors connect to the MTC without hard wires and with the Siren Marine App, users get instant alerts and can monitor their boat in real time. Boaters can customize the system for individual needs.

“At Siren Marine, we are fundamentally changing and improving the boat ownership experience,” said Daniel Harper, founder and CEO of Siren Marine, in a statement. “Our easy-to-install and fully-customizable system helps eliminate worry, reduces downtime and saves on insurance, while giving boat owners the peace of mind that their boat is safe, secure and ready to enjoy.”

Siren engineered the sensors to survive in the marine environment. The company says they are IP67 waterproof-rated for use above and below decks. Battery life expectancy is up to two years and they use a sub-gigahertz frequency that can penetrate bulkheads and communicate over long distances (up to 200 feet). Each sensor package includes a wireless module, an interchangeable sensor “tail,” mounting bracket and a replaceable coin-cell battery.

Siren now has available the MTC+2 Starter Kit that includes a boat monitoring and tracking system, two wireless sensors that monitor battery voltage, high water or unauthorized entry. The MTC+2 has a retail price of $799 and an annual subscription of $180 or users can pay $17.97 per month.