Siren Marine partners with Oasis Marinas to provide security

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Siren Marine and marina management firm Oasis Marinas have teamed up to bring boaters in the mid-Atlantic region Siren Marine’s MTC Connected Boat technology.

It will also use Siren Marine’s advanced Siren Fleet management portal to monitor and track customer boats.

Oasis Marinas currently manages 20 marinas in Maryland, the District of Columbia, Virginia, Connecticut and New York, and is working to expand its geographic presence, according to the company.

Oasis Marinas has two additional branches to its business — the Snag-A-Slip marina reservation tool and Marina Life magazine.

“Our goal is to provide a five-star hotel experience at the marinas we manage,” said Oasis CEO Dan Cowens in a statement. “An important part of this is providing a place where boaters can relax and focus on having a good time on the water. We immediately recognized how Siren Marine’s Connected Boat technology, and the peace of mind it provides boaters, helps us achieve our goal.”

For Siren Marine, the combination of exposure through Snag-A-Slip and Marina Life magazine will help the company reach an important audience of marina-based boaters — the very segment of the market that has the most to gain from Siren Marine technology.

“This partnership truly creates something that is greater and stronger than the sum of its parts,” said Siren Marine founder and CEO Daniel Harper. “Together, we are on a mission to change the boating experience for the better and enhance the boating lifestyle. By taking the worry out of boating, we will benefit the entire industry. As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats.”