Siren Marine partners with Sail Newport

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Siren will provide MTC Connect Boat systems for Sail Newport

Siren will provide MTC Connect Boat systems for Sail Newport

Siren Marine LLC announced a partnership with Sail Newport, an organization dedicated to promoting the sport of sailing, providing affordable sailing instruction and attracting new people to an activity and lifestyle that is distinctively Newport.

Siren Marine is donating 16 of its advanced MTC Connected Boat systems for installation on 14 of Sail Newport’s J-22 sailboats, as well as two support vessels.

By using MTC, which stands for Monitor Track Control, along with Siren Marine’s new fleet management app, Sail Newport will be able to monitor a range of onboard conditions and track the location of its rental vessels as they are used for sailing instruction, special events and introducing new people to the recreation.

By monitoring everything from battery status to position to security, MTC will protect Sail Newport’s rental vessels and support a more efficient operation for Sail Newport.

“This partnership just made sense to us on many levels,” said Siren Marine founder and CEO Daniel Harper in a statement. “From winning the Rhode Island Business Plan competition back in 2012 to the recent successful launch of our MTC system, Siren has enjoyed great success by eliminating worry for boaters and ushering in the Connected Boat era.

“The Newport community, with its rich maritime history, sailing tradition and passion for the water, has played an important role in our success,” said Harper. “We wanted to do something positive and give back to the community; and supporting Sail Newport was a logical choice. Our organizations share a passion for sailing, as well as a drive to make the sport we love more accessible and enjoyable for the public.”

“Our organization’s goal is to make sailing accessible, easy to learn and, most importantly, fun for families and people of all ages,” said Sail Newport executive director Brad Read. “The ability to monitor our rental vessels and track their movement and location in real time translates to enhanced peace of mind for us, as well as the sailing public we serve. It’s important that our guests feel confident, so they can learn and enjoy the sailing experience. Siren Marine’s unique vessel monitoring and tracking technology is helping us create just such an atmosphere.”