SmartPlug touts shore power plug design

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The SmartPlug features locking clips.

The SmartPlug features locking clips.

SmartPlug said more than 50 boat manufacturers have started using its shore power plugs.

Unlike traditional twist-type plugs, the SmartPlug features a pin and clip design that reportedly delivers more than 20 times the metal-to-metal contact.

SmartPlug said this reduces the chance of fire due to resistance and overheating. Additionally, this type of plug could reduce the possibilities for electric shock drowning when an incompatible plug is connected to a pedestal.

SmartPlug’s asymmetrical shape has spring-loaded locking clips, triple-sealing design with a straight-in connector and LED power lights. It’s available in 30- or 50-amp versions with stainless steel, black, white or gray non-metallic covers.

It can also be custom-branded with a manufacturer’s logo.