Torqeedo partners with Sentinel Marine Solutions and WhisperPower

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Electric propulsion systems manufacturer Torqeedo will integrate Sentinel boat monitors and WhisperPower generators into its future product offerings. The agreements were announced at the Dusseldorf International Boat Show on January 23.

Sentinel boat monitors are fully integrated into Torqeedo’s Cruise, Travel and Ultralight electric propulsion systems. The Sentinel app provides remote monitoring of the vessel’s location and on board systems and provides automatic alerts of malfunctions or alarms. If the boat changes locations, automatic geofencing and GPS tracking function help track it down. When integrated with the Torqeedo system, the boat’s electric motor and battery data are displayed in the app.

“Cities worldwide are looking to electric-powered water taxis, ferries and excursion boats to clean up their air and waterways,” said Torqeedo CEO Christoph Ballin in a statement. “Integrating Torqeedo systems with full-featured remote fleet management solutions like Sentinel will be crucial to the further development of this market.”

For commercial or rental operations, the Sentinel Boat Monitor System offers tracking and monitoring of a full fleet or individual boats. It monitors the number of guests, remaining range, state of charge and distance from home port for each boat.

Torqeedo also announced a new 25kW range extender that it has developed in cooperation with WhisperPower for its Deep Blue hybrid systems.

The WhisperPower 350 DV converter generator uses a Mitsubishi S4Q2 four-cylinder diesel engine with crankshaft starting. Its variable frequency operation eliminates the fixed ratio among power, voltage output and rotational speed and it produces all required combinations of power and voltage on demand. A management system lets the engine run at its most efficient operating point, minimizing fuel consumption, noise, vibration and exhaust. 


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