Torqeedo signs deal with Bennington

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Torqeedo said its Cruise 4.0 motor and lithium-ion batteries will power Bennington's new Electric Series of pontoon boats.

Torqeedo said its environmentally sound 9.9-hp equivalent Cruise motor provides power and speed for Bennington's S-Series 20- to 24-foot pontoons.

"Our customers have been asking for an electric power offering and Torqeedo motors provide a clean, quiet and powerful solution for our pontoon enthusiasts," Bennington vice president of sales and engine operations Todd Meier said in a statement. "The Electric Series will bring unrivaled efficiency, access and ease of use to our customers."

"There are thousands of electric-only or horsepower-restricted waters in the United States and that number steadily rises each year," Torqeedo president Steve Trkla said.

"Previously, recreational users had to settle for using underpowered trolling motors or reaching these waters, some of the most beautiful and pristine in the country, only by canoe or kayak. Because Torqeedo outboards don't pollute the air or water, they are welcome on restricted waters."


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