IBEX 2018: Torqeedo to display more powerful engine at Metstrade

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Electric-propulsion system manufacturer Torqeedo is planning to introduce a higher-output Deep Blue inboard at Metstrade. The 100-kW Deep Blue 100 is an upgrade from the Deep Blue 80. It will be comparable to a 130- to 150-hp gasoline outboard.

“Big displacement inboard-style boats is where electric can really shine,” said Capt. Todd Simms, special projects manager at Torqeedo.

Torqeedo also is working on one-off projects with OEM companies. Avon developed the E-Jet RIB specifically to work with a Torqeedo Deep Blue engine and a jetdrive. The boat can run at about 26.5 mph for 90 minutes, and top end is about 36 mph. Hinckley continues work on its Torqeedo-powered Dasher, and Correct Craft partnered with Torqeedo in its Watershed Initiative.

“One goal is the quiet, efficient boat, but also how can we squeeze the maximum performance out of the Torqeedo drivetrain,” Simms said. Torqeedo is involved in multiple repower projects, mostly with inboards.