Vetus-Maxwell rolls out new series of service videos

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Vetus-Maxwell Inc. has launched a new free series of service videos to help customers do preventive maintenance on windlasses and thrusters.

Included is a four-part thruster service video that highlights maintenance that customers can perform on everything from the propeller to the solenoids. Bob Walker, on the tech support team, explains how to keep thrusters functioning properly.

Five Maxwell windlass service videos show customers how to take the windlass apart and perform basic service.

Maxwell sales manager Will Vrooman gives advice for the RC8, RC 12, HRC FF8 and VWC 2500 models. The tips apply across Maxwell’s range of windlasses.

“Vetus-Maxwell is known for its worldwide service program,” Vetus-Maxwell sales and marketing vice president Chris DeBoy said in a statement. “This new video series will provide an additional way for our customers to grow their knowledge about our products and keep their equipment in the best shape possible so they can enjoy being on the water more often, more easily.”